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When using word processing software, instead of using the Menu bar for operations it is possible to use a combination of the Ctrl key and another key on the keyboard to perform the same thing.  This is called a short-cut. Below are the most common short cuts used when doing word processing.


Save = ctrl + s

Print= ctrl + p

Open a file = ctrl + o

Select All = ctrl + a (highlights the entire document)

Cut = ctrl + x

Copy = ctrl + c

Paste = ctrl + v

NOTICE! That the x, c, and v keys are all in a row on your keyboard

Open a new document = ctrl + n

Undo typing = ctrl + z (please see Explanation  below)

Close a document = ctrl + w

Find a word = ctrl + f

Replace a word = ctrl + h



If you make a mistake and want to undo it - this is the short cut you should use.  It is important to do this as soon as you make the mistake. If you made the mistake several transactions back it may not work.



You can find these shortcuts by clicking on File or Edit on the Menu bar

Also by right clicking on the text you will get a menu that allows some of these shortcuts, like copy, or cut, or paste.


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